L1/L2/GLONASS Antenna with DGO connector

Dual antenna on profiling float

Feed through antennas

Active GPS antenna with DGO connector

Deep-sea Antennas

Trident Sensors Ltd. offers a range of deep-sea  GPS, Iridium, WiFi and VHF antennas with the option of either a feed-through connection or D.G. O’Brien or Subconn coax connectors and cables.  If you cannot find the antenna to suit your requirements then please contact us.

glass sphere sys

3000m Ti sys

Deep-sea Tracking Systems

Trident Sensors Ltd offers a range of pressure proof tracking systems for AUVs and ROVs.

3,000m, 6,000m Tiger Shark Beacons

11,000m Challenger Deep Beacon

nares strait

buoy tracker

Buoy Tracking System

The new Buoy Tracking System offers upto 3000 position reports off only 4AA (Lithium Energizer) batteries!




Iridium SBD Systems

Trident Sensors Ltd offers a range of Iridium SBD systems for tracking and data communications. 

  • SBD tracking systems have integrated GPS receivers, batteries and antennas to enable tracking of assets anywhere on Earth.
  • SBD Bluetooth systems enable any Bluetooth device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet or laptop) to send and recieve data messages (i.e. text messages) over the Iridium satellite network