RRS Discovery track through the Panama Canal

Trackers and data communications systems can be tailored to suit customers' particular needs.  If you cannot find exactly what you want on the website, email or give us a call and we will do our very best to accommodate you.  Systems can be made in all shapes and sizes and can transmit and receive all kinds of data.  Trident's flexibility and ability to design bespoke systems quickly and inexpensively is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Robust, reliable GPS tracking & data communication solutions via Iridium

Tracking, alerts & two-way messaging via Iridium

GPS tracking & alerts via Iridium.

Green, amber & red alert status.

Visual acknowledgement of red alerts.

User defined reporting intervals.

Rugged & waterproof to IP68.

Bluetooth version available for two-way SMS & data communications via Iridium.

End-to-end service or hardware only

TRIG - Trident’s Iridium GPS Extreme Responder

Download the TRIG datasheet here:      


Trident Sensors Limited produce state-of-the-art satellite communications and data systems.  Our systems are used by researchers, government agencies, maritime and fisheries sectors, sporting organisations and armed forces around the world for all kinds of applications. 

Trident is a value added manufacturer for Iridium Communications Inc. and worked closely with Iridium on the Iridium NEXT Earth Observation project.


NASA has launched TRIGs in Sounding Rockets from Wallops Island.  TRIG trackers were fitted to floatation bags attached to rocket parts and switched on by activation of the parachute.