Valley Christian Schools Awarded First Place in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Bonus Prize Round of the Global Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Competition

Valley Christian Schools' students received first place in the Bonus Round of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition in Monaco after previously making history as the youngest finalists ever to compete in any XPRIZE competition. As winners, they've reached another historic milestone by outperforming elite groups of international research institutions and universities.


During this three-year competition, teams were challenged to design new technology with the ability to detect chemicals in the open ocean and track them to their source.

The Ocean Quest team of students developed an AUV that integrated the Trident Sensors dual element Iridium and GPS antenna.


Robust, reliable GPS tracking & data communication solutions via Iridium

Trident Sensors Limited produce state-of-the-art satellite communications and data systems.  Our systems are used by researchers, government agencies, maritime and fisheries sectors, sporting organisations and armed forces around the world for all kinds of applications.

Trident is a value added manufacturer for Iridium Communications Inc. and worked closely with Iridium on the Iridium NEXT Earth Observation project.